About Us

Dr. Olatunji Akintilo

 The vision of The Dandy Way Ministry under leadership of Dr. Olatunji Akintilo is an empowered world youth. Our mission is to focus on practical Bible truths in the form of short, 5-10 minute video recordings and other print material that can be shared by social media. As God is no respecter of persons, every individual has the potential to live a victorious life by an application of Bible truths in personal lives.  This ministry aims toward that achievement through the sharing of practical teachings of Christianity with all people especially the youth. 

There is so much evil in the world today that should be curtailed. Today’s youth face enormous challenges of poverty, hunger, disease, corruption, impunity, and war. Jesus Christ brought the solution 2,000 years ago with a message of hope, healing, deliverance, enlightenment and freedom. Same messages are applicable today and are being shared through this ministry.

It is our hope that your visit today has been a blessing. Please join us to combat the ills of our society and foster empowerment of the youth of all races by sharing these life-transforming video messages with your friends. Your generous donation is also well appreciated.